Chandelier Keeps World Peace Thanks To 3D Scanning Services

Keeping the peace with 3D scanning services

Here is a dose of 3D scanning news. We have all seen some movie with a fancy ballroom scene. Everyone is decked out in fancy garb. The jazz quartet is playing and guests are chatting and sipping champagne. They sip their wine while some waltz around the dance floor. The scene all of the sudden turns to slow motion as all heads and eyes turn to look toward the ceiling in horror. A giant chandelier towards the upper middle section of the ballroom starts to plunge toward the marble floor. The whole thing crashes into the middle of the dance floor and everyone stands around it looking aghast. Remember that? Well, let’s just hope that doesn’t happen to a chandelier that was in the news a few years back. It may affect world peace.

NOthing says friendship like 3D scanning a Chandelier

A very special chandelier was given to the Pakistani leader Mammon Hussein by the chairman of China as a show of respect and friendship. This chandelier was not just any chandelier. It was a chandelier that was an exact copy of a previous chandelier given to Pakistan by the Chinese government almost a half century ago. This chandelier was given as an expression of friendship. It was given in hopes that a peaceful and productive relationship could be continued between the two countries. The desire is that there can be an “all-weather” relationship between the two. The hope is that the two countries will continue to live at peace and work for the mutual good no matter what goes on in the world,  

Use 3D scanning to make us the old one

The chandelier is an exact copy of the old one. When I say exact, I do mean exact. The copied chandelier was recreated using 3D scanning services. 3D scanning technologies have the ability to make exact replicas by capturing an object and saving it in digitized form with great precision. Using a 3D scanner the technicians can scan every single piece of the old chandelier. They can then reproduce the pieces using cutting, engraving and printing tools to make it anew once they have a digital model in the computer.

How does 3D scanning services do that?

So how does 3D scanning services technology actually work? A 3D scanner uses a laser and a sensor to measure distances. Every time the laser reflects off of the surface of an object, the sensor records that distance as a point. The scanner is moved across every part of the object until a good sampling of points is collected. When those points are put together they form what is called a point cloud. That point cloud is what is used to reconstruct a 3D image of the object. Using that 3D images the engineers can use whatever method is necessary to print it out. That is how they reproduced the chandelier. Each part being digitized and then remade.

It sure was a nice gesture for the president of China to offer that to the Pakistani leader to keep peace. I think in all honesty that it will take a lot more than chandeliers made by 3D scanning services maintain make world peace. One thing I do know is that if that thing comes crashing down they can always make another exact replica. That is the beauty of having it all saved in the computer.

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