Hearing Aid Made with 3D Laser Scanning Services

No need to yell at Grandma thanks to 3d laser scanning services

Scream and shout. That’s what it’s all about, especially when you try to speak to Grandma. Getting old is a part of life and when we do your bodies don’t work the way that they used to. Thankfully we have technologies that make things better. Elderly people who experience hearing loss because of old age need technology to help gain a little back. Hearing aids, of course, are the answer to that problem. Thankfully we no longer have to shout into grandma’s ear in a quiet room to ask her if she feels cold or not. Instead of having to yell something three times, a hearing aid can give her the ability to hear things just like the rest of us do. Of course there is nothing new about that technology. The question is how can we improve on the technologies that we already have? How can we make the hearing aid even better than it is?  3D laser scanning services has got a good answer.

3D laser scanning pushing progress

Good things can always be better. That is the attitude that pushes progress. That is the attitude that gives us better, smarter devices and tools like GPS devices and cappuccino machines. Better technology should also be helping those with hearing problems. The quality of the sound should be improving. The quality of the fit should be improving, too. 3D laser scanning services has something to say about that. 3D laser scanning services can make that ear piece fit like a glove. There is no “one size-fits all” when it comes to shoes, shirts, underwear, and socks. Hearing aids work the same. Traditionally, people had to have a mold made using a puddy-like substance that found the shape of the ear canal. That mold was then sent off so that a reverse ear mold could be made which would be used to make the hearing aid piece. There is a better way to do that now using 3D laser scanning services.

A better way

The cool thing about 3D laser scanning is that it can find the exact dimensions of an object or a surface without even touching it. A digital representation of the surface can be made as long as the laser is able to point at the surface of object. The 3D laser scanner uses a sensor to detect the reflection of the laser and is able to calculate the distance of the surface from the scanner. Millions of these distances are collected around the surface of the object and are put together to make a point cloud. That point cloud can recreate the surface as a digital model. This is exactly what 3D laser scanning services can do to find the exact shape of the inside of a person’s ear. So the patient who needs a hearing aid can have the inside of their ear measured without anyone even touching their ear (or at least not by stuffing puddy inside of the ear canal). That is a much more comfortable way to get it done. Not only that, but the information can be sent digitally to wherever it needs to go to have the hearing aid made.

There is no longer a need to yell and shout. If we are going to scream and shout, let’s give a “hip hip hurray” for 3D Scanning services.

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