New Gift idea by 3D scanning services

To be honest, I am not a big fan of buying gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Let’s be honest. Most of us have everything we need and more. Just think about it. What in this world do you really need? I know that a few things have popped into your mind. Everyone needs the new iPhone. You need La-zi-Boy with a built-in backscratcher. You need an air-conditioner for the dog house and an Elvis Presley cat food dispenser and a bag of gummy bears. Some people would argue that those are not really needs, but I’m sure that they don’t know your situation. That’s just life. It doesn’t matter how much we have, we always need just a little more. We just need that newer model.  Moreover, gift giving is not about to end so we had better keep looking. What should I buy? Should I get my dad a chip and salsa plate shaped like a Mexican hat that plays La Cucaracha every time you dip the chip? No. I bought that for him last year. Never fret though. There has to be something. In fact there is. Thanks to 3D scanning services. There is a product out there that I am sure no one has.

All I want is a "wow"

It is something that we all have seen before. No one though, has ever had one quite like this one. It is a product of 3D scanning services. The product is a fancy personalized snow globe. Don’t tell me that you forgot what a snow globe is. A snow globe is one of those things that Grandma had sitting on the living room book shelf. The usual scene inside the snow globe was something like a house with a horse and buggy. Give it a shake and the scene looks like a snowy winter wonderland. The truth is that we are no longer impressed. Maybe a hundred years ago kids stayed up all night playing with that thing. Today kids have iPhones. Not much comparison there. Gift giving these days is not really about getting what you need. If someone needs a new mobile phone, they aren’t going to wait till their birthday. They are going to just go down and buy it. Gift giving has been reduced to food or useless stuff that aims at the moment-you-open-it “oh wow”. After that it gets put in the drawer waiting for the garage sale. 

Might as well make it a 3D scanning gift

Whether you want to or not, you are going to have to get a gift. So let’s talk about this snow globe. It may not be a 3D scanning services marvel, but it is unique. Using 3D scanning services, people are can break free from tradition snow globe scene. They can put whatever they want inside the globe. No more of the normal snow scene. Why not put something a little more familiar to person you are buying the gift for? The lady likes roses. Scan one and have it 3D printed as a miniature and put in the globe. Scan a newlywed couple and put them as the centerpiece of the snow globe. The options are endless.

So if you haven’t found that perfect gift. If you know that person who needs nothing, then look no further that 3D scanning services. A personalized snow globe might just the thing.

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