Reverse Engineering and 3D Laser Scanning For A Better Snowmobile

3D laser Scanning services makes a greener winter

When we hear the words “winter in Canada” we usually doesn’t think about green.  Winters are white and snowy. People get out in their NorthFace coats, snap into their ski boots, and weave down the slopes. Some people slide their feet into ice skates and knee wobble across frozen lakes. There are those that like the winter but not out in the cold. Some like to stay in logged cabins with a fireplace stoked with logs. They enjoy sitting in a chair with feet propped up on a stool sipping cider with a good book. When we hear “green” we think of summer heat with the smell of pine trees. We think of warm streams with fish popping the surface of the water. We think of slapping mosquitoes and the smell of repellant. It’s natural to think that green has nothing to do with a Canadian winter, but it does. A group of engineers are using reverse engineering services to make Canada a little bit greener. They are using 3D laser scanning services to make snowmobiles a bit more environmentally friendly.

Pushing the 3D laser scanning limits

If there is any place that would be good for testing snowmobiles it would be Canada. They have snow on the ground nearly half of the year around. Some environmentally friendly snowmobile loving engineers are putting their knowledge to the sled and applying reverse engineering services to make a snowmobile produce less of those emissions that are harmful to the environment. They are not using their technical skills to design a new machine. They are taking a machine that already exists and using 3D laser scanning services to reverse engineers it. Actually it’s not just one group of engineers. It is a group of groups that are going to have a competition to see which one can get the best results. Competition is a way to push these engineers to their reverse engineering limits.

Breaking down to build up

reverse engineering services takes any man-made device and breaks it down to its basic parts to see how it is designed. If the engineers to want examine the parts and try to improve on the design of the product then they will have to apply 3D laser scanning services. 3D laser scanning is what is used to recreate those parts in digital form. For example, if you want to improve the exhaust system of a car. You can take it apart and use 3D laser scanning services to capture each part as a digital model. There is a great advantage to having parts reverse engineered and 3D laser scanned in that a digitized model can be tested through computer software. Changed to the design can be done electronically rather that going through the trouble of testing physical parts. In this way the engineers are breaking down a snowmobile and making a 3D digital model so as to improve its design to make it more environmentally friendly. 

It just goes to show that green is a winter thing too. If we are going to enjoy our outdoor activity, why not make it as environmentally friendly as possible. Thanks to reverse engineering and 3D laser scanning services, we can.

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