How Augmented Reality is Changing Education

Augmented reality in education is an indispensable worldwide trend, and both are growing with each passing day. The education sector, in particular, is redefined by the technology because no longer students are relying solely on paper and pen and research is not limited just to the physical libraries. Today, students have access to various learning tools, which is making education exciting and easier especially for the slow learners. It’s changing the way students are interacting with their world, and it is changing the way they learn their subject content. From boosting engagement to stimulating the senses, the technology is changing the face of the education sector.

How Augmented reality revolutionizes the education sector

1) Augmented reality brings a "Wow" factor

Who doesn’t want to bring an extinct dinosaur to their teaching? Or how about bringing a celestial body right in front of a group of excited youngsters? Or an active volcano of the Hawaii region?  Augmented reality has the capability of delivering some wow moments in the classroom. Even though the technology is at a nascent stage, it can reach great heights in the coming years. Furthermore, a well-designed AR will allow students to view the models naturally, which will enhance their learning capabilities. Students can examine properties with more precision and freedom enabling them to learn in an immersive environment.

2) Advocates collaborative learning

Most of the education experts in the world place interactive discussion as the most suitable method of teaching complex concepts to the youngsters. A healthy and interactive debate allows students to brainstorm, come out with areas where they are facing difficulty and express their opinion freely to their teachers and peers. This type of collaborative learning nurtures confidence and boosts memory, making learning fun and exciting for kids who hate the word ‘school.’ Additionally, teachers can combine their learning material with sound effects, videos or PowerPoint presentation to explain the concept to the students. The technology is helping build an altogether different edtech space, which will benefit the students in the long run.

3) Enhances healthy competition

For the learning graph of the student to take an upward trend, students need to face healthy competition. Augmented reality emphasis on competition among students by creating an environment driven by positive reinforcement and students enjoy the competition from their peers. The technology is helping the education sector head towards the future where a continuous assessment will ascertain their capability to grasp complex information. AR is offering students of tomorrow a chance to choose and create an academic experience, which can change their lives forever.


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