Augmented Reality Makes Fitness Addictive

As the augmented reality technology is slowly gaining momentum, fitness companies are finding more uses. The technology is no longer limited to just enjoyment and gaming because it is making customers fitness addictive. According to Digi-Capital, companies recorded over $3 billion in VR/AR investment in 2017. AR fitness attracts a new target group by allowing them once in a lifetime experience. The technology is improving the health of the customers by making exercising more fun. Customers will no longer fear to go to the gymnasium because, with the help of virtual instructors, they can stay fit in a much better way. Interestingly, Global Smart Wearable Fitness and Sports Devices and Services Market is likely to grow by 25.22% and 38.35% respectively from 2016-2020.

how fitness companies leverage the power of virtual reality to make the world a fitness freak.

1) augmented reality enables Real-time collaboration

One of the most crucial aspect of using augmented reality in fitness is the availability of real-time data. A wearable device which is integrated with AR helps the customers understand the level and intensity of the workout. The data helps the customer to determine whether they’re over stressing their body or working as per the requirement of their body. The wearable devices available today maintain and record the heart rate of the wearer during the exercise. Additionally, many such devices track real-time data on the number of steps and the distance covered to let the customers know how well they’re performing in their fitness regime. This data becomes a motivating factor for people who are planning to lose weight and stay fit.

2) augmented reality Provides entertainment

AR has the power to turn out the strict workout regime into something which is interesting and exciting for the customers. Using the technology, companies are adding video games, and other sources of entertainment to help the customers reach their fitness goal. This comes as a boon for customers who are not regular, but using the AR-app even the lazybones will get their legs working and stay fit. Fitness companies are enriching the experience of the customers by providing daily tips, videos and tutorial. These tips and tutorials will further work as a motivating factor for the customers to remain healthy forever.

3) augmented reality Offers greater flexibility

The wearable devices provide the customers to workout at their own pace at a time suitable as per their timetable. AR imparts flexibility without affecting intensity and quality of the workout. When exercising the customers can virtually see the trainer and interact with the customer while carrying out an exercise. It helps in imitating the virtual environment and adds a fun element to an otherwise boring exercising schedule.

As more and more companies are leveraging the power of augmented reality, the fitness industry is likely to witness a paradigm shift in the way it operates and communicates with the target audience. Therefore, companies are focusing on making the wearable devices affordable and accessible to the audience.

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