industrial CT scanning - a lens into a part's interior

Arrival 3D Scans a Lens

Industrial CT scanning provides a window into the soul of a part. What hidden mysteries lie just under the surface? Such was the question asked of this small lens. How was it put together, and what secrets did it hold? The industrial CT scanner easily and rapidly peers through the veneer, exposing the intricate mechanisms within. When you need to reproduce a part with no drawings, this type of 3d scanning services can be indispensable. In fact I’d say that there really is no alternative to it. When dozens of tiny pieces are bonded together, the only way to get them apart is to smash the part with a hammer, destroying any means of getting accurate measurements the old fashioned way. 

handled with care

When a part is received for 3d industrial 3D scanning services, they are treated with great care. There is no rough handling that could damage the part. The industrial CT scanner projects beams of electrons (also known as x-rays) through the part, detecting how many make it through the other side. To tell you the truth, we don’t fully understand how industrial CT scanners work, but fortunately we don’t need to to provide you excellent, fast and reliable 3d scanning services. We need only know a few details.

  1. How Big is the part?
  2. What is it made of?
  3. What resolution do you require?

Knowing those three things, the rest is handled by the highly sophisticated engineering marvel we call an industrial CT scanner. Others may call it computed tomography scanning or x-ray 3D scanning. Regardless of what you call it, I think everyone would agree that we can call it fantastic. When you have a lens like this project, that came from an old legacy part that is no longer made and you need to make another one, how in the world are you going to do it? Are you going to have to re-engineer the entire part from scratch? Fortunately you don’t have to thanks to industrial CT scanning services. From the scan results, you can receive CAD files that are ready for manufacturing. So you are already two steps ahead of someone who aims to re-create the lens without the aid of this engineering marvel known as industrial CT scanning. 

Know what couldn't be known before

It is fitting that we scanned a lens here, as the industrial CT scanner is itself a lens into the any part. You can now count your chickens before they hatch. Not only can you count the chicken, you can obtain a 3D model of its organs. I can tell you that it would not be cheap however. Now please share with us your project, and let us help you discover what mysteries lie beneath the surface of your part. We can provide manufacturable file and drawings allowing you to make new whatever it is that you want to reproduce. At the end of the day, industrial ct scanning services are a shortcut to engineering excellence. If your budget allows for it, we highly recommend it for any scans requiring super high accuracy. 

In short, industrial CT scanning is a new way of seeing and can help you achieve great things.

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