Reverse Engineering Floor Plans With 3D Laser Scanning Services

Helps Designers and Construction Teams

Creating accurate floor plans that can easily be sent across the world has many benefits. Before 3D laser scanning services, there was no good way to do this. A designer or architect would have to fly out to the building location and draw a floor plan that may have taken weeks to complete. Then, there would be multiple gatherings and returns to the building for further examination. 

3D laser scanning services and devices have helped save so much trouble when trying to reverse engineer a floor layout or capture a building that has already been rebuilt. A Miami Beach condo wanted help with its floor layouts because the original plan created in 1995 rounded all measurements to the nearest foot, making it nearly impossible for the interior designer to gather the correct information. 

Using 3D laser scanning services, the team would get all accurate measurements and every floor mapped out. It could allow the interior designer to start work without having to fly anywhere. As this technology advances, more projects are being done with it. 

Why is reverse engineering important?

Reverse engineering is the best way to understand how and why something is put together the way it is, and this is the same with buildings. Perhaps a wall was built around a pipe, and tearing down the wall would be a bad idea. It’s crucial information to how a designer or architect goes about designing a room. 

When a building already exists, it is important to reverse engineer the room quickly without damaging anything important. It would take weeks to analyze and draw by hand, and often there would be too much important information to put on the sheets of paper. This is where 3D laser scanning and a CAD program come in very handy. 

Is 3D laser scanning useful to create new plans?

3D laser scanning can help make evaluating floor plans more manageable than drawing them by hand. It also allows for accurate measurements to be taken and plugged into the system. In addition, it can gather information down to microscopic detail that enables an architect to understand the exact information. This technology can be imperative to understand a room. 

Should all architects use 3D laser scanning services?

Many architects and designers are turning towards 3D laser scanning because of how easy and precise it can be. This technology is very straightforward, and many people understand how to use it. This tool can make many jobs more straightforward, and you will see more architects in the future gravitate towards this tech.

Can this technology help all parts of a building project?

The best thing about 3D laser scanning services is that they can help the designers and the construction teams access the information. It can be the first step in creating a plan and can send all team members the correct information before starting a project. This tool can be used in all areas of construction and design. Rev

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