The Matterport Pro2 3D 3D Scanning a Virtual Tour

3d scanning can customize your favorite games

Let’s face it, cameras are an awesome invention.  Being able to capture special moments and preserve them forever is an amazing technology. The truth is that capturing places on camera doesn’t quite bring with it the same experience as real-life.  Something is lost in the 2D photos that can never be brought back.  Imagine if you could take a 3D virtual reality photo that allowed people to walk around in it and experience the same thing you did? That would be cool!  Well, as a matter of fact, you can!  With 3D scanning services,  scanners, made by companies like Matterport. Matterport has created a camera that allows you to take your reality and put it in the virtual.

create walk-through, virtual reality tours

Such a camera sounds pretty cool, and it is. Lets say that you wanted to take a scan of your new apartment for your friends and family to see what you have been living in for the last few years.  Rather than trying to describe it to them, you could let them see what it actually looks like.  They could do a walk through. The Matterport Pro2 3D or Pro2 3D Lite are perfect for the job. These scanners could make a full walkthrough virtual reality tour for your family to see. Sounds like a lot of work, right? Wrong. 3D scanning services and hardware providers like Matterport really know what they are doing.  They make quality products that are really easy to use.  In fact, you could do your whole apartment in about an hour.   Just connect it up to your WiFi and then press a few buttons and you are ready to go.  Do a few scans in each room and the hard part is over.  The only thing left is to let the Matterport do the rest, and then you will be ready to start sharing all of those cool experiences with everyone you wish to.

relive your amazing trips and memories

The possibilities of what you could do with this scanner is amazing.  Remember that cool coffee shop you were at in Napal?  You can bring your friends there with you using this scanner.  Wanting to get business for your AirBnB?  What better way to let customers know what they are getting than to give them a virtual tour.  Want to preserve the decorative reception room for your wedding?  Crystalize that room forever using the 3D laser scanning services equipment that can get the job done, the Matterport Pro2 3D.

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 For your convenience of course, Matterport offers monthly or yearly plans for saving the spaces you scan on the cloud.  The more expensive plans of allow you to save more spaces.  The best thing about the Matterport scanner is that once you have taken your scans and loaded them onto the cloud, you can then start sharing!  You can send links to your friends an, imbed them on your website.  It is by far the best way to send a little bit of your reality across the web so that others can enjoy your life too.  So what are you waiting for?  Go get yourself a Matterport Pro2! Read our other article about Matterport here!

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