New in 3D Laser Scanning Services: Lowe’s Debuts ‘Digital Twin’ Store

Lowe’s created an interactive digital replica of its store within NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise’s environment. The replica enables associates to interact and visualize data to optimize operations better.

Using 3D Laser Scanning Services in New Ways

Associates can use the 3D laser scanning services tool for training on utilizing tools like GPS tracking in a warehouse setting and picking orders off shelves more efficiently using augmented reality technology.

Associates can easily access the digital models of two stores from their desktop computers or via Magic Leap 2 augmented reality headsets. With this virtual replica, they are testing various use cases, including “AR X-ray vision” for employees to view items on higher shelves without climbing up there themselves.

With the update, developers can access an ever-growing library of products from one source. This could help them create more realistic 3D scanning services models that are fun for consumers and easier on retailers who have been investing heavily in innovation.

The digital twin is a complete virtual representation of one’s home improvement store. The 3D laser scanning services combine spatial data with Lowe’s information, including product location and historical order history. This package can be accessed on any device – providing you with all the know-how necessary when making remodeling decisions in your own house.

The company is exploring several functions with 3D laser scanning services technology. Associates can view their digital twin overlaid in augmented reality, which helps them compare what an actual store shelf should look like and stock up on products correctly–among other things! They’re also using 3D laser scan heat maps for sales performance data or customer traffic patterns to serve customers’ needs better when shopping at your location.

Lowe’s has announced that they will use 3D scanning technology to create digital twins of their stores, designed for both customers and employees. This new approach can improve store operations by removing unnecessary steps while also providing an immersive experience through emerging technologies.

Lowe’s has been using digital technologies to make home improvements more accessible. The company’s latest invention, the Measure Your Space tool, allows customers to look for space before making any big decisions, scan, and take measurements of the area where they live or work.

In addition, the store releases 500 free assets onto its metaverse hub that provide an opportunity to explore different worlds and learn about construction techniques through these exciting educational experiences.

Lowe’s is trying to keep up with the competition by introducing new digital tools and goods. The company has seen some success, as their Q2 2022 net sales dipped by only 0.3% from last year while generating $27 billion in revenue – but they’re still facing tough times due mainly because of increased challenges from Home Depot, which had 6-5%.


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