Skydio’s Newest Enhancements in 3D Laser Scanning Services

Skydio is revolutionizing how businesses get data on assets, especially those difficult or dangerous to reach. With Skylink 3D laser scanning services, autonomous drones and advanced mapping features like GPS capture for utility inspections, digital twinning of bridges in need assessment missions.

Skydios’ offerings have become invaluable during emergencies too hazardous for human eyes and now even provide accident scene reconstruction services after significant crashes.

3D Laser Scanning Services in Action

3D scanning GPS-captured video will make repetitive flights at the same site easier. With its simple mission planning for nighttime inspections where artificial lights may not be available or practical due to light pollution from cities like Los Angeles – which has some of America’s worst streetlights.

Skydio X2 leverages two cameras: one facing forward towards what is lit up by sundown while another captures everything below it, such as bridges beneath roadsides during rush hour traffic plus warehouses.

The latest 3D laser scan services release introduces the ability to save a scan after completion, streamlining the workflow for pilots that regularly fly the same sites with similar flight parameters.

The map-based interface is a great way to quickly and easily create 3D laser scanning services images or videos. Then, once you’ve conducted your flight, save it so that the results can be accessed in Scan Library under the Maps & Libraries tabs, where they’ll have all previous settings available for review before launching.

Import and Export Saved Scans with Ease

The new seamless 3D scanning services feature will make storing your scans on the cloud easier than ever. You can now export any saved scan as an MRT or TIFF files are stored locally in a folder called “Scans” under the ” Files” app for easy access anywhere.

Map Scenes at Night with the X2

Skydio’s latest update to their 3D laser scanning services technology enables night flight capture modes with 2D GPS, which can be used for accident scene reconstruction.

The ability of this new function will help enable forensic teams at accidents between 4 pm and 4 am. This is because it allows them visual inspection during dark hours when there is little or no lighting available with just one device.

There are two main ways to initiate a 2D GPS Night Flight using the X2:

Skydio’s 2D upward capture system has been designed to solve the challenging mapping problem underneath bridges. The drone flies over a long period, ensuring that every inch gets captured in perfect detail so you can see what lies beneath your structures without getting tangled up or lost.

With our new 3D Catch technology, we can map out infrastructure below ground level and identify potential problems in all corners of bridges. We call it “Catch” because it captures data from different angles at once—even when challenging obstacles are present.

Skydio Drones are the Ideal Tool for Inspecting bridges with the ability to fly in Obstacle-Dense, GPS denied Environments, but Mapping the underside of infrastructure has been a Challenge – Until Now.

With 2d upward capture mode on your skyliner camera, you can now easily map out all those hard-to-get areas below city streets.

Product Manager at Skydio

We’re excited about the future of orthomosaics and want to help you get there. Our team is ready for any questions or concerns that might come up along your journey with Skydio, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if anything doesn’t feel right.


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