Jeff Dunham Talks Ventriloquism and 3D Laser Scanning Services

Comedian Sits Down with Decider

With over 10 comedy specials, “Pi-Rat,” a 60-year-old from Dallas, is a champion in comedy. He is expecting the release of his 11th special ‘Me The People’ on Comedy Central, but before that, he sits with Decider to talk about the state of comedy/ventriloquism.

DECIDER: Beside Himself is one of the most highly-ranked comedy specials on Netflix. Most comedians are struggling to get the numbers you command on the platform.

Jeff Dunham: I have a lot of trust in the agents. They always know how to get a high rating.

DECIDER: Did you consciously decide to release your special on Comedy central due to loyalty?

Jeff Dunham: Comedy Central always airs out the content. They will constantly promote and post content on repeat so viewers can always access it.

DECIDER: How do you decide on adding new characters?

Jeff Dunham: I add characters that people can relate to. It was quite easy to add the character “URL” because it can easily make people laugh. The audience must be able to understand the character intuitively.

DECIDER: From the A&E biography, you were at the forefront of 3D printing and 3D laser scanning services. What are some of the differences between URLs compared to previous decades?

Jeff Dunham: Using a 3D laser scan (3D scanning services), it is much easier to build a shell of the dummy compared to back in the day when I used plastic, wood, and fiberglass.

DECIDER: You had to go against the industry because it didn’t embrace ventriloquism. Your success has spelled out many opportunities for people in the same line.

Jeff Dunham: I’m grateful I’ve opened paths for other ventriloquists. However, I am yet to meet one. Most people who identify as ventriloquists are simply comedians.

DECIDER: Some of your content is usually partisan. Do you try to address critics through it?

Jeff Dunham: Yes, I intentionally address issues we face as a community. My jokes are usually mimicking what the modern-day man or woman is experiencing. Some people may call me racist, but I am not. I try as much as possible to showcase comedy by addressing everyday issues.

DECIDER: As much as the dummy is the one addressing these borderline-triggering topics, at the end of the day, you are responsible for it.

Jeff Dunham: Yes, however, I’m trying to argue the other side. Good comedy has different sides. It should encompass tension and conflict. I use the dummy to have conversations about taboo topics, and that’s the basis of good comedy.


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