The Latest in 3D Laser Scanning Services: Airport Security to Halt Hand Luggage Liquid Rules

Will Take Effect in 2024

More security measures involving 3D laser scanning services were adopted in after a failed terror plot in 2006.

According to the latest news, luggage rules will be revised in two years or less. The revision specifically addresses hand luggage, whereby travelers are limited to carrying a particular amount of things as they go through airport security.

The current limit of the law governing how much liquid a traveler can put in their hand luggage must be revised in two years to carrying more than 100 ml. Currently, a traveler can only carry bottles of 100ml or less to pass airport security check-ins.

These security measures were adopted after a failed terrorist attempt in 2006. The rules also restricted travelers from removing computer laptops from hand luggage during check-in. All items need to pass through the security scanner.

The Changes in 3D Laser Scanning Services

According to Times, airports in the United Kingdom must install advanced CT security scanners before mid-2024. These scanners have a lot of similarities to the ones used at hospitals. Therefore, there can be a change in the security measures at airports.

Back in 2006, there was a serious terrorist attempt on several planes at Heathrow. The terrorists put liquid explosives in drinks bottles to attack seven planes leaving Heathrow airport. This prompted tighter security measures.

Today, in 2022, travelers can only carry containers that hold less than 100ml. These containers must be single, transparent, and in reusable plastic bags. The bags must not hold more than one litre.

There is still more communication awaited from industry members, according to Times. Currently, they are testing high-quality 3D scanning services and baggage screening equipment at Gatwick, Heathrow, and Birmingham. The Department for Transport (DfT) ordered a new directive to airlines to install the latest cutting-edge technology by the summer of 2024.

Heathrow’s chief executive, John Holland-Kaye, told the Times that they are slowly integrating them into the system. In addition, there has been an expansion in Terminal 3 whereby the security area will have more scanners by 2024. By the deadline, passengers should have liquids in their bags.

Borris Johnson announced this new and advanced technology in 2019. The technology did not come to fruition until after the announcement. The pandemic resulted in a significant reduction in air travel. The recent updates of the 3D scanners and 3D laser scanning services will be an excellent addition to airport security.


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