3D Laser Scanning Services and Mixed-Reality Advertising

Here’s How a Toledo Company is Contributing to the Future

The Famous Group from L.A. partnered with TruePoint Laser Scanning to generate 3D-generated graphics for its users. As a result, its fans can utilize the 3D laser scanning services at home or sporting events.

Setting the Scene

The thanksgiving break is riddled with food, American football, and family. A local company is determined to change how adverts appear on the screen for fans at home or at games.

Headquartered in Toledo, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) works on multiple utility services. They work primarily with construction through their TruePoint Laser Scanning division. However, the company is spreading sports coverage. They will be working with The National Football League (NFL).

Incorporating 3D Laser Scanning Services

TruePoint employees would scan stadiums to create 3D graphics using 3D laser scanning services. Then, the company utilizes these 3D graphics in mixed-reality experiences using 3D laser scanning services.

Head director of Mixed Reality TFG, Eric Beaumont, says they will put that virtual 3D into a real environment. Then, they will match the fake 3D laser scan with the actual environment.

So far, TruePoint, in conjunction with The Famous Group, has completed several projects with major league teams. They have worked with the Baltimore Ravens and Caroline Panthers.

Recently, the companies partnered with the Bears and the Patriots Game. The company created a premiere commercial ad experience for the Patriot’s Gillette Stadium, which is currently under construction.

Beaumont explains that pictures could be more efficient in creating such sensational ads. They lack the depth and space to create any moving ad. This is why they decided to utilize scans.

These projects can cost up to seven figures; therefore, the head director only time will tell. Sometimes employees get a fixed deadline which is limited to completing the work. As much as it is important to finish the process quickly, it’s important to nail the message.

Beaumont further explains that it is important to make a certain point clear in the message. There are different kinds of people who have to work with it to ensure the message comes across clearly.

As much as mixed reality and 3D scanning services is a huge part of the future of media advertising, it’s not shallow. Therefore, it’s important to refrain from gimmicks and money and instead focus on telling a good story.

The director encourages the creation of stories that captivate and looks great. Even if it’s a short story, it can still pass for an excellent advert.


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