The Latest in 3D Laser Scanning Services: FARO Zone 3D Forensic Scene Analysis

Software Delivers New Photogrammetry Capabilities

FARO® Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: FARO) is globally recognized as a 4D digital reality solution. They announced the release of the latest edition of Faro Zone 3D software, the latest advancement in 3D laser scanning services.

The 4D software will be an excellent addition to security professionals, equipping crime, public safety market, crash, or fire. The technology will help professionals by providing advanced graphics, customizing vehicle modeling, and the ability to measure photographs using photogrammetry integrations.

Using the 3D Laser Scanning Services Software

Public safety professionals can use the FARO Zone 3D scanning services software to carry out a number of functions seamlessly. The program features multi-modal and capture-device agnostic software useful in diagraming, documenting, and analyzing forensic scenes.

The software relies on data from drone technology, 3D laser scans, 2D photos, and other standard measurement devices. The technology’s efficiency does not leave any traces of customer or data collection methods.

This current variation of FARO Zone 3D Software has the most functionality when it comes to data input and processing. This makes it the most comprehensive documentation software program available in the market.

Software Product Marketing Manager at FARO, Noreen Charlton, said “Public safety professionals can easily take images from any capture device using this technology. You can take images using photographs, laser scanners, and photographs. These images can create a virtual image of the crime or crash scene with unmatched realism.

In addition to the ability of the software to create virtual realism, the FARO Zone 3D software also features an improved point cloud capability, which goes further in solving and proving cases in and outside a courtroom.

There are two versions of FARO Zone 3D software available. You can expect the Zone 3D Expert and Zone 3D Pro. The latter features an advanced proprietary photogrammetry engine referred to as FotoPoints.

This feature allows users to convert images to point cloud data. Therefore as a user, you can capture accurate measurements ranging from 2D and 3D data. You will also be able to import point cloud data into the software to feature in forensic scene analysis.

These additional improvements are excellent at accurately reconstructing any scene from multiple data sources. You can easily create factual diagrams and photo-realistic visuals.

In addition, the camera lock will also help you freeze the camera view and edit a drawing without necessarily changing the view. This is an excellent feature for overlaying images or videos using a point cloud.

About FARO

With over 40 years of experience, FARO deals with O&M (Operations & Maintenance), AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Public Safety Analytics markets, and 3D Metrology. It builds a bridge between the digital and physical worlds.


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