meet the arrival 3d team

Lanny smith

President & Owner

 Lanny Smith started Arrival 3D in 2002 and currently serves as its President. He is a skilled and experienced telecommunications professional with more than eleven years of experience in his field.  Lanny is in a unique position to combine his passion for systems design with recent advances in 3D software technology to meet the challenges faced by the industry today.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electric Engineering from University of Kansas.

One of Lanny’s favorite projects helping an ironworking company create a brass post finial. The finial is a replica of one that was found at a famous hotel.

For fun, Lanny enjoys watching movies, trying new restaurants, piloting his V-tail Bonanza, and playing musical instruments.

Favorite Projects

rendering 3
Bronze Post Finial


Senior cad modeler & Project Manager

Chris has approximately 30 years of experience in manufacturing, design and CAD modeling. He earned his BFA in 1988, majoring in industrial design. He has experience with 2D and 3D CADCAM and related software for routers, lasers, waterjets, and 3 axis mills.

Chris enjoys working with Arrival 3D because he works with a variety of work, including 3D scanning, CAD, and design. His favorite project was converting a lily pad scan into a mold-able form for jewelry (see picture on the right).

For fun, Chris enjoys being outside and doing activities like walking, hiking, and running. 

Favorite Project

Leaf 3D scan
A lily pad scan converted into a piece of jewelry


3D scanning Engineer

As a scanning technician and engineer, Seegan mainly focuses on larger outdoor scans, such as power plants, stockpile measurements, wind turbines, 3D surveying, etc. His role also consists of scan registration, pile measurement processing and building information modeling. 

Seegan have been working for Arrival3D since 2013, starting with building information modeling. He chose to work at Arrival 3D because the company’s major focus is in the scanning and 3D model industry. Seegan says, “The company constantly keeps up with the rapidly advancing 3D technology, and I am able to learn and grow by working with Arrival 3D. Every project done is exciting because every project involves different industries and skills.”

Seegan earned his undergraduate degree in 2012, with a focus in Mechanical Engineering. He earned his M.B.A in 2016. For interests, Seegan enjoys automobiles, martial arts and outdoor adventures.

Favorite Projects

Scanning the Oklahoma State Capitol


Project Manager & 3D Scanning Technician

Pursuing a change in career, Cole got started in 3D scanning three years ago. In his short time, he has learned a lot about the industry working with Lanny on various 3D projects. Although valuable as a project manager and 3D scanner, the unique skill Cole brings to the team is graphic design and video production. He earned his BA at Gordon College.

Cole says, “I work for Arrival 3D because of the experience of working alongside talented professionals in the 3D industry; a constant curiosity of the development of 3D technologies; and also, I get to meet a lot of great, hardworking people across multiple industries.”

His favorite project with Arrival 3D has been working with Gas Company Tower. The view overlooked the entire downtown LA. He also enjoyed having the opportunity to scan a McLaren P1 (see video, on the right). For fun, Cole enjoys baseball and golf, going to concerts, and spending time at the beach.

Favorite Projects


Mechanical CAD Design Engineer

Alexander began working for Arrival 3D in 2014 as a 3D software specialist (3D modeling, reverse engineering, and deviation control) and optical metrology specialist. He is skilled in using Geomagic DX, Geomagic Studio 2012, SolidWorks, AutoCAd, Inventor, GOM Inspect, Atos Professional, and fatigue testing. 

Alexander has been interested in 2D and 3D technology since he was in high school . In 2010, he earned his Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and currently serves as a faculty member of the Mechanical and Civil Engineering department at a university. He is currently a candidate for a Ph.D. and is finishing his thesis on fatigue in additive manufacturing. 

For fun, Alexander enjoys taking long walks or bike rides. He also enjoys cars, cooking, and applicable technology. 

Alexander’s favorite aspect of working at Arrival 3D is because there’s lots of challenging projects, many of them requiring Alexander to hone his skills and develop new ones. Alexander says, “Arrival 3D made me change some views and ways of thinking. Now I can say with Arrival 3D nothing is impossible.”

Favorite Projects

A differential cover

Reverse engineering of a shoe mold


mechanical engineering & product design

Constantine’s first engineering job was in 2007, during his final year of university study. His interest in 3D scanning and similar technologies was peaked because it was not popular in his home country. He earned his masters and postgraduate degree in metal casting. Constantine started using SolidWorks in 2008 and starting reverse engineering from scans in Geomagic Design X in 2015. 

His favorite projects with Arrival 3D include working with centrifugal pump components, mechanical gears, water separators, and Strato-cruiser airplane. Constantine’s hobbies include playing guitar and playing sports, especially soccer. 

Favorite Projects

3D scan rendered from a stratocruiser airplane.


cio & database architect

Regina is a database architect and web application developer at Arrival 3D.  She is working on Arrival3D’s virtual reality web application that allows clients to walk-thru their 3D scanned buildings, equipment, and other inventory.  In addition to walk-thru, they are able to annotate objects and attach documents to objects in the scene.

She has been developing database and web application for over 20 years.  She is a renowned spatial database expert, with a special focus on 3D, and a member of the project steering committee of a major open source database.  She is also a co-author of several database and spatial application books.

She holds a science bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Control Theory and Bioelectronics.


marketing coordinator

Jenny performed freelance services to Arrival 3D in early 2018 before joining the team in the spring. Her main responsibilities include creating and developing website content, helping the company reach its marketing goals and other website development tasks. Jenny enjoys working at Arrival 3D because it offers her an opportunity to develop skills in content marketing. For fun, Jenny likes to go for walks in the park, enjoys cooking, and spending time with friends.